Linda Beaudoin

          Advocate - Educator 

  "Woe to them that call evil good and good evil, that put darkness for light and light for darkness,
             that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!"
   Isaiah 5:20

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                                                                                     Public Safety Mission
Sought legislation / by-law on entertainers with access to
children and vulnerable to require criminal records check.
Speaking on issues for child protection  bill 13 and bill 33
Spoke on behalf of victims and the danger use of tasers.
Attended court cases learning laws re child predators.
Spoke out in opposing legalizing prostitution.
Founded SAVD.ca event July 20th 2012.
Created child victims memorials.
Helping the homeless.
My cup runs over.
Psalm 23:5
                                                                        Sex crime victims infuriated by news headline.
                                           News article titled " Is pedophilia a sexual orientation? " The Toronto Star Dec 2013
CBC airs "I Pedophile" 
Read the Toronto Star  news article  March 9th 2016 titled "I pedophile  dares to empathize".
Then CBC has details of show on their site.  read here
Standing up for children watch here.
                                                                                            What do you think about this?
                                 CBC  reports story titled "Why lying is a sign of healthy behavior for children."  article here
                                                                                          CBC Born to lie?    article here
                                                         CBC article titled "Cities need to plan for sex in public parks" read this 
                                                                                                 Can we trust politicians?
                 CBC article  "Toronto police should drop project Marie charges city and provincial politicians say." read here

                                                                                     Children's entertainers not regulated
                             Entertainers are self employed, do not require mandatory criminal records check. article 1  article 2 

 Call to require mandatory criminal records check on entertainers.

           Read more  article 3    article 4    article 5

                                                     Convicted killer Richard Herr volunteers as Santa Claus Read article 

                                             Bruce Pardo Killer Santa True Crime.  News of horrific crimes click here and  here

                            Brampton council voted 7-0 in favor to pass bylaw. What happened? Why was it cancelled? Press release
           Controversial U.S professor James Kincaid slams critics who call him a pedophile. Article date Oct 2013
                                                                      James Kincaid ( article above) is author of books
                 "Child Loving : The erotic child and Victorian culture" and "Erotic innocence: The culture of child molesting"
                                                 News article sex ed rally / protest at Queens Park Sept 21st  2016     News link

                                                     Let us never forget Martin Kruze.  Read more

Who will stand for children? 

 How can we protect children?

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Join "SAVE KIDS" project.
Participate in awareness and prevention of crimes against children. 

     Help find person  who murdered Kesean Williams.
  Survivors and Victims Day was founded July 20th 2012 
  July 20th 1992 two young girls were murdered by a man who worked as a clown. 
  July 20th is also the birth date of my beloved mother "Margaret".
  May they R.I.P                                      
Event for child victims
July 20th unite.

 Your support  would make a difference.
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             A call for survivors of abuse to unite  More