Creating awareness in the prevention of crimes against children, elderly, the vulnerable and for public safety.
Queens Park April 14th 2015
  Info board #1
April 15th @ Court sentencing of
former Deputy Education Minister
Benjamin Levin

Convicted of child porn related charges
Queens Park April 14th 2015
Info board #2
Why is Alfred Kinsey name in 2011 TDSB school curriculum resource guide ?
Kinsey authored book in 1948 "Sexual Behavior in the human male" on page 180  "Children at table 34"
When important laws are proposed and rejected we need ponder the question
"Will bad laws be legislated"
Could Bill C51 affect people that speak on behalf of the people?
Something is very wrong when we become fearful of people in positions of trust and authority.
Former Premier Dalton McGuinty now lobbyist.  read more
The following is a letter I received from my MP  View here

                                                         Protect your rights
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                    Toronto City council for licensing
         bylaw on entertainers with criminal records check.
               In support of regulations for public safety

Toronto Licensing committee meeting
  Read Staff Report click here 
 See political Party

Family Coalition Party public safety campaign 

If you are interested in advocacy, for very important matters, please contact me.
The world is in need of people who care. If you care, I want to hear from you.

Please put your priorities in order. Be the voice for children and victims.

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 Outside at the symposium named
“Bodies at Play: Sexuality, Children and Classroom Life”

 James Kincaid’s address was titled:
 “What is this thing called a child and why would we want to teach it?”
 The event was co-sponsored by the Centre for Urban Schooling
 at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and the
  Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at U of T.


Survivors and Victims Day was founded July 20th 2012 by a child victim survivor.

We unite world wide to
acknowledge child victims
Survivors and Victims Day
website  www.SAVD.me

We will never forget child victims.
July 20th we unite.

It was very moving to hear this read at parliament To have acknowledgement was comforting for child victims.