Advocate for Victims - Participant of child abuse monument
Content of website is for awareness in the prevention of crimes against children, elderly, the vulnerable and for public safety.
                                                                                                      Sensitive matter
                                                                                    Toronto City council for licensing
on entertainers with criminal records check.
                                                                                In support of regulations for public safety

                                                        Toronto Licensing committee meeting  Read Staff Report click here 
                                                       See political Party Family Coalition Party public safety campaign 

 Outside at the symposium named
“Bodies at Play: Sexuality, Children and Classroom Life”

 James Kincaid’s address was titled:
 “What is this thing called a child and why would we want to teach it?”
 The event was co-sponsored by the Centre for Urban Schooling
 at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and the
  Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at U of T.


Memorial  for child victims founded
July 20th 2012 

We unite world wide to
acknowledge child victims
Survivors and Victims Day


                                                                                     Join us July 20th
                                                                              Survivors and Victims Day