Linda Beaudoin

          Advocate - Educator 

Some community alerts.

Schomberg residents safety concerns with release of high risk sex offender WATCH  click here 
Public safety news reports high risk sex offenders released 

               KEITH CONSTANTINE - Schomberg Ontario residents alerted to  high risk sex offender article

                              JAMMIE MOORCROFT- Ontario  Police put out warning  article

                                     JAMES COOPER  -Toronto Ontario Notorious released  article

                                  STEVEN YEARLEY  -Peterborough Ontario High risk offender  article 

                                          KARL CRACK  -Thessalon Ontario  HIgh risk to re-offend article

       WINSTON THOMAS  -Winnipeg,Manitoba alert high risk sex offender  released  article
                                     JAMES CONWAY  - Abbotsford,BC alert high risk sex offender released article
                                JEFFREY GODDARD BC alert high risk sex offender article
                             CHRISTOPHER WATTS  -Vancouver  alert high risk sexual offender article
                                        FRANK SKANI      -Vancouver alert high risk sex offender  article