Linda Beaudoin

       Activist - Advocate - Educator 

We must do more to keep women and children safe. 

Ban sex dolls. 

Realistic looking dolls sold for sex purposes.

Contact your area politician.

Sign petition here.


                                                      Is defense using Harrison's human rights? READ ARTICLE

   Child pornography laws are being reviewed and defined.

                                         Kenneth Harrison is charged with possession of child pornography regarding a child sex doll.

                                                            This criminal case may set precedent on child pornography laws.

               Informative revealing video  click here     Read  Article 1       Article 2       Article 3       Article 4

Will prime minister Trudeau change or rescind existing laws related to obscenity and border patrol?  Read here 
                                                                    Court case of Kenneth Harrison Oct 23rd 2017 
                                                           At court St. John's NL Provincial court on Water st 

Advocating for child protection laws on the streets of St Johns. NL