Linda Beaudoin

       Activist - Advocate - Educator 

                                   More young lives lost. We must be pro active in stopping the violence.

We need laws for public safety. Many criminals are on the loose while they may have been on bail.
We need law to prohibit individuals to get bail when facing charges of violent crimes.
BREAKING NEWS  Nov  6th 2019               
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                                                          VIOLENT  CRIMINALS ARE ON THE LOOSE ARMED AND DANGEROUS
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Young girl's amber alert ends with tragedy 

Brampton 11 year old girl in amber alert found dead, her father to be charged with 1st degree murder. more 

           Vigil for Riya Rajkummar R.I.P.  Feb16th 2019

         Riya died on her birthday.

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Who murdered Kesean Williams and Surendra Vaithilingam?

If you have any information regarding the person or persons responsible for Kesean Williams death please contact 

Crime Stoppers Here 

                                                                          Justice For Sammy Yatim