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 Please note I do not solicit funds nor do i ask anyone to solicit funds on my behalf for this mission.
Jan 15th 2019 Homeless person sleeping in alley in Toronto dies, crushed by garbage truck.  Read more

Crystal a homeless woman dies in clothing donation bin. 
I spoke to a homeless woman who's name is Crystal and helped her as much as I could.
Here is one of two videos taken back in 2016. Crystal didn't have much to keep her warm in the video you see her shivering even after I gave her a tuque along with two not so warm blankets.
I went back to Peel area from downtown Toronto to get her a sleeping bag and ski pants. 

I feel so much anguish when I see homeless people who suffer needlessly when
we live in a world with so many resources.

We all must help others in need. I am posting article regarding Crystal who died in a clothing donation bin
I'm not sure if this is Crystal in my videos.
 tell me what you think or what you may know about Crystal in comments 
on YouTube platform or send me a message.
We all can to do more and take action  to help people in need,
Thank you for reading and caring!

  In a world with so many resources, it is difficult to understand 

how people would accept people to sleep outside on the street in the cold. 

Who will care for the homeless ? A sidewalk their bed as people simply walk on by ?

Hotel residents forced to vacate while refugee entering country take up residency . More here

                                                                    Please Help the Homeless
                                 Videos reveals homeless on extreme cold streets Dec 25th 2017